Study Finds Short-Form Ads Growing In Effectiveness

Interpublic intelligence arm Magna is out with a new study — done in collaboration with sibling unit IPG Media Lab and Snap — that purports to show improving effectiveness of shorter-format video ads.

The study attributes the improvement to the burgeoning supply of better quality short-form content. Also, agencies and advertisers are getting better at communicating in shorter ads designed for shorter-form content.

The report states that initially shorter video ads — in the six-second range — were primarily effective at generating awareness but weren’t persuasive. But that’s changed, due to the aforementioned reasons. 

Many six-second ads tested in the study were just as persuasive as 15-second ads. And shorter ads were found to be as effective across devices and age groups. 

Performance of video ad lengths varied most by platform, primarily due to the way video is being consumed on each. 

“As short-form premium content has grown, advertisers are evolving their creative mix, so it’s better tailored for short-form viewing experiences, which leads to more effective communication in less time and at less cost,” said Jon Stimmel, Chief Investment Officer, UM. 



Stimmel added: “The priority must be for the industry to enable compelling and persuasive ad-supported environments for a healthy marketing ecosystem. Understanding the impact of ad length in relation to varying platforms and media types will further propel a brand’s mix in short-form premium content and drive improved business outcomes on their plans.” 

The full study can be found here.


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