More Holiday Cheer From Agencies

In the spirit of the season ad agencies are unveiling holiday initiatives.

Team One hosted the Better Call Claus initiative for its staff, clients and partners to invite their children to book a live visit with a virtual Santa. The agency used its custom real-time virtual communications system to connect with the North Pole personality and Santa himself incorporated advanced, digital real-time code developed in-house at Team One. He was then voiced by a real human who is also a father of two young children and further developed with a motion capture suit and a real-time 3D engine called Unreal, which transforms real-world movements into a remarkably lifelike digital avatar.

This initiative is the latest example of the agency’s annual “Technolidays” holiday platform, where they tap into different cutting-edge technology to create unique holiday cards and experiences.



Firewood’s annual Season of Giving program is donating $30,000 to support three employee-nominated nonprofit organizations, UK-based Field Lane to help those with disabilities, Feeding America, and Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly.

Each organization will receive an initial contribution of $10,000 in addition to continued support throughout the upcoming year, which may include pro bono digital marketing, volunteer work, and ad hoc support. Firewood has donated nearly $350,000 to charitable organizations over the past eight years.

IW Group is releasing a video combining TikTok and video calls to share eight creative hand signs for etiquette in Zoom meetings, such as letting someone know they need to mute their microphone. As “Jingle Bell Rock” plays in the background, a rotating batch of split screens shows one agency member using these signs alongside someone else who is committing a Zoom faux pas. It remains to be seen if these motions will become an accepted part of the business community. 

Nashville-based GS&F is also using Zoom as its creative source for its digital holiday card. The agency has collected snippets from various team members singing seasonal numbers compiled into a montage.

The S3 Agency is turning frowns upside down with its efforts to rebrand 2020. The clip puts a positive spin on the year by pointing out  2020 has enabled people to enjoy more family dinners and comfortable clothing, among other positives.

There might be a reason why it seems one cannot avoid “Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas,” during the holidays. Colle McVoy’s holiday playlist features six different artists covering the classic tune.

The song is part of the agency’s 12 Days Of Holiday Music Challenge in which staff shared songs based on certain themes like a song that reminds you of your childhood, a song from another country or one that you love but others hate. It has produced an eclectic mashup of 165 songs (9 hours+) and counting that reaches across time, generations, genres, holidays and personal tastes. 

Colle McVoy team members contributed a global array of favorites, including songs from Ireland, Austria, UK, India, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Mexico, Columbia and Russia.

Conrad Design Group U.S. is helping people navigate the season with its “Guide to Holiday Parties 2020,” a step-by-step infographic on providing instruction and advice on topics such as whether they like the “Home Alone” franchise.

Deutsch NY’s greeting was a “personalized” digital holiday experience featuring a snow globe that ends with the receiver’s name.

Mediaocean’s message highlighted its donation to UNICEF as part of the agency’s “gratitude” for clients and partners in a challenging year.

SS+K is done with 2020 as of 6 p.m. December 24. “We will not be doing any more work this year,” claims the holiday email. “Not for any amount of money. Not for any special project–not even the Super Bowl or other ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities.” The message goes on to say, “We will be officially closed till January 4, 2021 and we want to make a pact with you to shut it down, too. And when the calendar page has turned, we will be back. Refreshed, recharged, renewed and ready to make 2021 our collective best yet.”

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