Tegna Renews Nielsen For Local TV Ratings In 34 Markets

Tegna Inc. has signed a multiyear renewal for Nielsen to continue to supply the broadcaster with local TV ratings in 34 of the 51 markets in which Tegna owns stations.

Financial terms were not disclosed. 

Tegna, which owns a total of 64 stations, renewed or extended all the Nielsen data services it has been using, including Nielsen Arianna, NLTV, Digital in TV Ratings (DTVR), Grabix, Rhiza and Nielsen Scarborough.

In addition to providing performance data for advertisers, Tegna uses Nielsen services to provide insights about consumer viewing habits and audience and demographic characteristics across key markets and geographies.

Nielsen’s local TV measurement includes traditional cable, satellite and over-the-air viewers, as well as viewers who access linear broadcast through virtual providers. The company recently completed an overhaul of its local measurement methodology, to combine advanced meter technology and big data with its traditional people-based panels.

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