Beauty Meets Tech: Custom Lips, Wireless Lasers, Ever-Better Selfies


It's time for the beauty biz to gets its annual technology injection. And yes, we know most people look forward to the annual Consumer Electronics Shows because they can't wait to see the latest TVs, drones or talking refrigerators.

But for those eager to know what's new in cosmetics, there's good news.

First, there are accolades. CES has named Amoreapcific as a CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree in the Health & Wellness category, recognizing its Lip Factory by Color Tailor. The customized lip makeup manufacturing system uses an AI-based mobile application to analyze users' faces and recommend personalized colors. The pigment-dispensing system then manufactures the customized product on-site, producing more than 2,000 shades.

Next, get ready for far more phony selfies. Perfect Corp. is among the companies announcing its CES news early,  launching a new YouCam Video app. It describes the product as the world's first makeup and selfie retouch video editor. It allows users to completely reinvent themselves, with virtual makeup, hair color and tools for retouching.



Users can also reshape facial features by, for example, slimming down their face or shortening their noses, all in under a minute. The app also makes it easy to share the doctored videos on Snapchat and TikTok.

The company, based in China, says its apps have been downloaded 900 million times. And it has leveraged hundreds of millions of selfies to better inform its AI and AR, using makeover tech from the YouCam Makeup app in the new product.

Another early announcement comes from Essence Group, an Israel-based company unveiling JÓLI360, a wireless skin rejuvenation system offering low-level laser therapy. It also measures the skin's hydration, elasticity and oil levels.

It connects to a touchscreen tablet application, which boosts clinics' professional capabilities.

CES has been the launching pad for beauty innovations that include smart hairbrushes, voice-activated bathtubs, and ultraviolet ray sensors in previous years.

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