MailerLite Integrates With Stripe To Support Paid Email Newsletters

MailerLite is partnering with Stripe to help brands to create paid email newsletters. 

The arrangement combines MailerLite’s email sending app with the Stripe dashboard, allowing businesses to offer newsletter subscriptions as a product.

Subscribers can complete the details and choose the pricing frequency, MailerLite says. They then receive an email confirmation. Users can choose from a variety of templates, or they can create their own newsletter design. 

“Once customized with design elements that reflect the brand, the newsletter is ready to go out into the world,” states Ilma Nausedaite, COO at MailerLite.

In addition, MailerLite has launched MailerLite Academy, an online learning platform on email newsletters. The firm says paid newsletters on specific topics help establish firms as thought leaders.

But subscribers must get “a fair trade” for their time and money,” Nausedaite says. That requires “newsletter investment-worthy content: podcasts, access to video streams, office hours for readers, etc.,” Nausedaite adds. 



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