SparkPost And Abusix Expand Deliverability Partnership

Deliverability platform SparkPost has expanded its partnership with Abusix, a network security provider, in an effort to improve email delivery.

The arrangement, which had combined SparkPost's email delivery mechanisms with Abusix's email threat protection solution Abusix Mail Intelligence, now includes the use of SparkPost's Reputable Sender List as an additional way of determining sender reputation. 

The goal is to improve the “overall email experience for both senders and recipients,” states Chris Adams, vice president of product at SparkPost. 

For its part, Abusix believes the expansion with SparkPost “ensures that we avoid any potential false positives from their vetted Reputable Senders,” says Steve Freegard, senior product owner at Abusix.  

SparkPost notes that marketers are facing mounting challenges in getting their messages into the inbox, given a 40% increased in commercial email volume from 2019 to 2020. 

Abusix serves numerous ISPs, telcos, cloud & hosting providers, and enterprises. 






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