Xandr To Support Multiple Cookieless ID Solutions


AT&T advertising platform Xandr announced that it will enable “agnostic interoperability” for identifiers to address the phase-out of cookies, starting with supporting three specific ID solutions. 

Buyers will be able to use The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0, Europe’s netID and the LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure for planning, targeting, frequency capping, segmentation and measurement of digital campaigns with authenticated IDs, through private and open marketplaces, on the Xandr Invest and Xandr Monetize platforms, according to the company. 

Publishers will be able to employ their first-party IDs and industry ID solutions across deal types in ad requests to monetize inventory without cookies or device IDs. 

Overall, Xandr says users will be able to work flexibly with first-party data — including authenticated user data and industry identity solutions, alongside modelled and contextual solutions; support for browser-provided frameworks; technology that enables ad serving without personal data; and AT&T-backed data capabilities for executing audience-based buying across screens — while adhering to privacy and data protection regulations and standards. 

“It is critical that we continue to ensure holistic reach across relevant audiences, seamless measurement and insights to support attribution,” stated Ewa Maciukiewicz, senior director, product management, Xandr.


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