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Physicians Mutual Promises Joy In Retirement

Physicians Mutual is launching a brand campaign aimed at reclaiming the joy that comes from entering retirement. 

The company worked with psychology-driven agency Intermark Group, based in Birmingham, Alabama, to get inside the mind of those approaching retirement age. 

The pandemic has created increased uncertainty for people anticipating retirement, according to the agency. Many are facing “ambiguity loss" -- grieving for the loss of an envisioned future -- resulting in a heightened need for social connection, comfort and familiarity.

The campaign aims to show that the company can provide an emotional counterbalance. Creative highlights the relationship between those transitioning into retirement and Physicians Mutual, said Bob Gunia, senior vice president at Physicians Mutual.



“We want our customers to experience joy in retirement,” Gunia says in a release. “With the right insurance coverage, they can better experience the retirement they deserve. The commercials spotlight situations that make people smile."

The three 30-second spots feature the return of the company’s brand spokesperson, comedic actor John Michael Higgins, who showcases his song and dance abilities.

Best Friend” features a dog who aims to make its owner’s retirement a happy one, “Retirement Tour” shows a busload of happy retirees, and “I’m So Happy” includes some retirement joy-related song and dance. 

Higgins has been featured in TV ads for DirecTV and Old Navy.

The commercials will air nationally and the schedule includes March Madness coverage. The spots will also appear on the Physicians Mutual’s social media channels and digital platforms.

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