B2B Marketers Are Offered A New Version Of ABM

B2B brands seeking to rev up their account-based marketing (ABM) have a new tool to help them. Demandbase has introduced what it calls account-based experience, or ABX.  

Traditional ABM often meant trying to engage customers—by email and other means — whether or not the time was right, judging by a description of the new product by Demandbase. And early ABM attempts didn’t always sufficiently involve sales or other departments, it adds. 

In contrast, ABX lets us work with modern buyers on their own terms: anonymously when they want to be, helpful and relevant when they are ready, and always based on trust,” claims Jon Miller, chief marketing and product officer of Demandbase. “

This puts ABX in the realm of customer experience marketing. 

The firm defines ABX as a go-to-market strategy that uses data and insights to drive relevant marketing and sales actions throughout the B2B customer life cycle. 

The new offering focuses on every stage of the buying cycle to know when and how to engage each account, it adds.

Miller adds, “I’ve always described Account-Based Marketing as ‘fishing with spears’,” said Miller. “It’s a great analogy, but you’ve got to realize that it doesn’t feel very good to get poked by a spear!





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