Ads From Website Developer Wix Play On Hacking Fears

Wix, the cloud-based website development company that helps businesses start and run their own sites, is launching a campaign, “You Deserve Better,” targeted to users of its competition, WordPress.

Mostly the new ads zero in on issues like surprise updates, reliability, privacy concerns and hackers.

In one, an executive who is meeting to discuss her concerns with WordPress chats uncomfortably as people dressed in green, full-body tights -- evidently representing WordPress hacking gremlins -- wander around her office opening books on bookshelves and even photographing notes on her clipboard.

“Why are those people going through my things?” she asks. The WordPress representative answers, “Oh, them? They’re probably just cookies. Don’t worry.”

WordPress and Wix are popular with companies that want to have their own websites, where ease of use and peace of mind are topmost considerations. And for some site builders, Wix versus WordPress is like Coke versus Pepsi.



“‘You Deserve Better’ is part of our initiative to connect with an audience that doesn’t think or know that Wix applies to their needs,” said Tal Siach, Wix's head of marketing, in an email exchange with Marketing Daily

“We want to bridge that perception gap and make it clear that we have everything a professional needs. Our product is mature and constantly evolving," said Siach. "Our campaign is about the professionals and what they are experiencing in their day-to-day work -- the hassle of security, maintenance, plugin conflicts, errors, and sites crashing due to service issues."

He said Wix’s reputation for safety matters now more than ever. "We know the conversation around data security isn't a fleeting moment, but rather a cultural shift that's here to stay in the way digital products and services are marketed,” Siach added, calling it “the crux of this campaign."

Wix has had five Super Bowl ads, but it’s not exactly a constant presence on TV.  The new campaign will be found mainly on social sites including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The new ads may be clever enough to help consumers forget the unfortunate clash Wix had with fate last year.  That’s when it debuted Wix Corvid, a sophisticated so-called “full-stack” web development platform for companies that wanted more intricate websites.

Unfortunately, the name Corvid was a little too close to COVID.  Tired of the bad association with a pandemic, the company renamed that platform Velo this year -- and advertised to ‘fess up to its bad timing.

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