BERA To Provide Omnicom Media Shops With Brand Equity Metrics, Analytics

BERA (Brand Equity Relationship Assessment), a platform that assesses brand purpose, equity and other brand metrics has stuck an agreement with Omnicom Media Group to incorporate its automated metrics and predictive analytics into Omnicom’s Omni marketing platform. 

According to the companies the deal will allow OMG teams to identify strengths and weaknesses of a brand's purpose and brand equity by audience, geolocation, and time period. OMG agencies Hearts & Science, OMD and PHD will be able to help clients identify and activate audiences, as well as measure the impact of media plans, based on the relationships that consumers have with their brands, while also factoring in measures like brand impact on sales and profitability.

Also, Omni users will also have access to BERA’s proprietary data stream used to evaluate the impact of brand on in-store and offline sales.  

This agreement marks the first time that media agencies have been given access to the BERA platform.



“Combining BERA’s visibility into brand relationships with the behavioral data from Omni we will be able to provide all our clients a holistic direction of media investment and strategies,” said PHD Chief Analytics Officer Shaina Boone, who was involved in the discussions that led to the deal. And, she added, it would help the agencies provide clients with investment strategies that will be able to factor in the role that “‘brand love’ has in driving business results.”


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