Publicis Groupe's Epsilon, Trade Desk Form Strategic Partnership

Publicis Groupe’s Epsilon is partnering with The Trade Desk to unite their respective personalized identifiers.

The Trade Desk, the demand-side platform and its Unified ID 2.0 initiative, has more than 100 million users. Meanwhile, Epsilon CORE ID’s information is rooted in “deterministic” purchase data representing more than 250 million adults globally.

This first-of-a-kind partnership will integrate Epsilon’s CORE ID and CORE Private Exchange into The Trade Desk demand-side platform. 

The intent is to bring together these two massive networks to maintain connectivity with consumers without sacrificing choice or flexibility when third party cookies are deprecated. The Trade Desk users will also gain access to Epsilon's CORE Private Exchange, delivering access to new inventory that, when linked with Epsilon’s CORE ID, will increase its recognition and reach.



This agreement coincides with the imminent deprecation of third-party cookies on some platforms, along with the associated loss of brand contact with customers, to ensure their advertising clients can continue to connect with real identities across all channels.

“We are ensuring that all of our clients have the necessary strategic input and tools to navigate this new ecosystem and turn this threat into an opportunity,” states Arthur Sadoun, CEO/Chairman, Publicis Groupe. But also, “we are building a next generation personalized media platform, powered by real identities to enable them to speak to their customers on an individual basis across all channels with a unique reach, maximum return on investment, transparency and full compliance with privacy regulations.”

Under the deal, The Trade Desk will become the exclusive DSP partner for Epsilon’s comprehensive CORE ID offerings, but Epsilon will not be hosting The Trade Desk’s data or information.

Both Publicis Groupe/Epsilon and The Trade Desk say they have been “prioritizing balance” in the marketing ecosystem that is a viable alternative to walled gardens—one that actually can work for marketers—and is scalable, says Joe Doran, Chief Product Officer, Epsilon. “We must lead the evolution of the ecosystem to prioritize a brand’s relationship with the consumer above all else. Because without this balance brands can’t build deep trusted relationships with their customers.”

Additionally, many Publicis Groupe clients already work with The Trade Desk and this opportunity affords them more choice, allowing them to leverage Epsilon’s capabilities when and where they need them, in any activation scenario, adds Doran.

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