'NY Forever' Urges New Yorkers To Take Ownership Of City's Recovery

You may have seen an ad recently in the New York Times Magazine or billboards in Times Square encouraging New Yorkers to stay strong in the wake of the havoc wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Both are part of an effort by a new nonprofit group called NY Forever. With the help of agency Verdes, it is trying to build a movement to champion NYC’s post-pandemic future. 

The group defines itself in one ad as an organization brimming with NYC pride and optimism “for those who want to turn this reckoning into a city-defining triumph.” 

It urges citizens to: “Take ownership of our city’s recovery by pledging to your fellow New Yorkers — and showing the critics who we really are.” 

The group also serves as a connector for those who want to volunteer with other nonprofits helping New Yorkers in need. 



In addition to ads, Verdes helped conceptualize NY Forever’s goals, including bringing civic organizations like ROAR, the advocacy group for independent restaurants, together with NYC brands like clothier Alex Mill to create support, attention and engagement. The agency also created other campaign elements, including logo design, a UCG social campaign concept and other assets.  

According to Verdes partner Greg Matson, the “big idea” behind the movement is to “harness the culture of New York City to energize civic engagement in the city.

“In turn, we hope that will not only inspire more New Yorkers to engage in helping each other out, but also give NYC a halo brand effect and make people want to be here and be a part of it.”

Learn more about NY Forever here.


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