Consumers Demand Seamless Online, In-Store Integrated Experiences, Study Finds

Consumers are eager to return to stores, but want the online and brick-and-mortar arms to work well together, according to a study by Tango. 

Of the consumers polled, 86% are satisfied with the integration of online with the in-store experience, and 37% are very satisfied. Yet in a seemingly contradictory finding, 83% crave a more seamless online-to-store experience when making purchases.

Persons with a household of $75,000 or more are more likely than those with less to agree that they are very satisfied with online-in-store integration. 

Whatever the satisfaction levels, email marketers clearly have their work cut out for them. For example, 76% of consumers agree that BOPIS (buy online, in-store pickup) is one “positive” of COVID-19 and 33% strongly agree. 



But BOPIS can’t work without real-time notifications and updates, delivered via email or text. 

And email is essential for alerting shoppers to discounts, specials and new products. 

That said, 84% of consumers are satisfied with the ease with which they can now pick up online orders, and 41% are very happy with it. 

One other finding is that 66% of those surveyed feel stores need to change their format to provide a better experience for pickup, and 69% say the same about chain restaurants. 

Tango recently debuted Location is Everything, an online resource to offer guidance and best practices for retailers in the face of changing consumer behaviors. 

“The pandemic has drastically disrupted shopping and dining behaviors and eroded customer loyalty,” states Pranav Tyagi, president and CEO of Tango. “But, perhaps surprisingly, the physical store remains critical to a successful real estate strategy.”

Tango surveyed 2,017 consumers between March 10 and March 15. 

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