Facebook Tests Topic Targeting For In-Stream Video Ads, Sticker Ads, Instagram Reels Ads

Facebook has begun a global test of in-stream video topic targeting, which lets advertisers place ads within specific video content topics, using Ads Manager.

More than 20 topics and 700 hundred subtopics will be available when advertisers select the “in-stream only” placement and brand objectives for campaigns.

For example, within the sports topic, specific sports such as baseball and basketball are available as subtopics.

Machine learning will be used to classify videos and check them for brand safety.

The social platform also offers brand-safety controls within in-stream video.

According to Facebook — which is still taking heat for having inflated video view times to boost advertising, which it admitted in 2016 — more than 2 billion people watch its in-stream-eligible videos each month. It also claims that 70% of in-stream stand-alone video advertising views are completed.



The company has said that it places in-stream ads only in videos that are at least three minutes in length, and waits until a video has played for at least 45 seconds to trigger ads.

In other ad-format news, Facebook said it is now testing “sticker ads” in Stories with select advertisers and creators.

Brands can create custom sticker ads for placement by creators in Stories. Creators receive a portion of the advertising revenue.

Facebook announced the development of the new format last month.

In addition, Facebook is testing ads in its short-form Instagram Reels format in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia, with tests to roll out in more countries in coming months.

The ads will be full-screen, up to 30 seconds long, and allow viewers to comment, like, save, share or skip them.

Facebook says that 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business on the platform. 

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