OBE Doubles Down On 'Diversity Of Thought'

Full-service experiential marketing agency On Board Experiential (OBE) is coming out of the pandemic with a new focus on “diversity of thought.”

Agency leaders recognize as live events begin to bounce back, the agency is better positioned to thrive in the long-term if it differentiates itself not only externally, like bolstering its technology and digital capabilities, but internally as well through company culture.

This week, OBE announced Kevin Carroll will join as Creative-in-Residence, tasked with driving the company’s creativity across its accounts, which include Nike and Facebook.

The newly created role positions Carroll as a “Creative Catalyst (Katalyst)” for the organization, working with teams on coaching, strategic brainstorming and direction. Further, he will focus on creative performance training, treating creativity as a “sport.”



According to Carroll, he considers creatives and marketing professionals “athletes,” and his mission as “thinker in residence” is to help OBE’s athletes score in diverse ways for the company and its clients.

Carroll has never worked for a traditional agency before, which the agency hopes will serve as a unique angle during this recovery time. OBE is getting out of the typical creative comfort zone by bringing in someone with a multi-faceted career — ranging from author and speaker to coach — to essentially train its team in new ways of thinking.

Late last year OBE launched incubated sister company Think TRUE, a black-owned and minority-led marketing agency focused on helping brands develop initiatives centered on engaging diverse and historically underrepresented communities, as another move towards embracing this creatively diverse future.

“At OBE, we recognize the need for diversity of thought and bringing on a voice like Kevin’s exemplifies our constant evolution, and a proactive investment in our people,” said Deb Lemon, Co-CEO, OBE.


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