Michelin, Goodyear Play Up Mobility, History

Michelin and Goodyear are both launching creative efforts that highlight the important role tires have had globally throughout history. 

The expansive multimedia brand campaign created by French advertising agency BETC for Michelin includes TV, digital and social media.

Mobility has taken on new significance in the wake of the pandemic, according to the company.  The ability to move freely and explore the world, both personally and professionally, is a privilege. 

Rather than focusing on a product, the “Motion for Life” campaign celebrates Michelin’s role in facilitating this motion.

Creative highlights the ubiquity and importance of tires as we go about our daily lives using bikes, trains, cars, trucks and planes.  Michelin tires in the creative are replaced with a white graphic. 



Shot in nine locations, from New York to Mumbai, leveraging local crews to capture the spirit and essence of local life, the TV spot aims to prompt viewers, especially younger audiences, to rediscover Michelin as an essential player in all forms of sustainable mobility. 

Another heavyweight tire brand, Goodyear, is playing up its role as the Official Tire of NASCAR and longest-running continuous partner in the sport’s history.

The brand is the new title sponsor of the spring Cup Series race as part of the Official Throwback Weekend of NASCAR on May 9. The official name of the race is the Goodyear 400, marking the brand’s first race entitlement in North America. 

“Throwback Weekend” pays tribute to NASCAR’s racing roots in numerous ways, including the use of vintage paint schemes on stock cars.

The campaign from GSD&M includes throwback raceway signage, limited edition posters and a special logo. Now through May 18, fans can win a select run of exclusive throwback-inspired prizes through the “Goodyear 400 Sweepstakes.”  

A 30-second video celebrating NASCAR and Goodyear’s racing roots shows the iconic Goodyear Blimp flying backward in time.

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