Inbox Sidebar Launches To Put Emails, Calendars, Contacts In One Place

Email marketers, take note: Email hosting company Fastmail has introduced a sidebar that it says will allow users to put their emails, calendars, files contacts in one place. 

The new sidebar tools “work how you expect, even though you weren't expecting them to be there,” states Ricardo Signes, CTO of Fastmail.  “The sidebar also allows quick reference to contact details and history and provides options to take direct actions like call or text.”

Marketing emails presumably will also be more visible as a result of this tool. 

" The People tab is where customers will find the information, they need to quickly jump into each email conversation with details on that contact's card, such as their full name, job title, or time zone, adds Helen Horstmann-Allen, COO of Fastmail. 

In addition, the feature includes DuckDuckGo Maps for access to directions when needed as well.




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