Agencies, Media Companies Team On Study Probing COVID-19 Impact On Working Women

New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) is partnering with, FCB, Engine, Meredith Corporation and Bloomberg to conduct a national research study on how COVID-19 has affected women in the workforce. 

Among the issues to be addressed include lack of childcare, pay, gender and racial inequality.   

The study is part of NYWICI’s #WOMENHEARD initiative. The idea is to trigger more industry action to better address the needs of working women. 

FCB Global and FCB Health Network media agency Solve(d) will be conducting communications-industry-specific research and partner with marketing group Engine to field the survey and reach appropriate audiences. 

The research is being designed to uncover the extent of the mental, familial and financial impacts, due to COVID-19, on women in the communications field and to get a better understanding of the forces driving those impacts. 

The findings will used to develop an action plan “build back better” post-pandemic. 



“The COVID-19 pandemic underscores society’s reliance on women both at work and outside of work, while simultaneously exposing the inequities women, including those of color, face across the landscape of society,” stated Vita Harris, Chief Strategy Officer, FCB. “Hard-fought gains for women are now under threat and this research will help us respond in a way that is of interest to everyone because building a resilient world has women at the heart of it.” 

“It's time we all step up and recognize the inequalities in the workplace and continue to work together until every woman feels heard," added Kasha Cacy, Global CEO, Engine. 

The survey data provided by Meredith will offer national research and trends that have primarily affected BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of color) and working mothers.

In a survey conducted by Meredith from May and June 2020, one out of four women who became unemployed during the pandemic reported the job loss was due to a lack of childcare, twice the rate of men surveyed. Another survey shows the losses have not slowed down. Between February and August, mothers of children 12 years old and younger lost 2.2 million jobs compared to 870,000 jobs lost among fathers. 

Once the data is compiled, Bloomberg will provide added insights relating to pay equity and gender inequality. The data will used to compile a white paper that will be presented at the NYWICI annual Matrix Awards which will take place later this fall. 

NYWICI will also use the findings for a #WOMENHEARD symposium, that will cover a range of topics.


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