Advertising's Final Frontier: References To Extraterrestrial Phenomena Soar This Year

There was an interesting story in Friday’s New York Times that reported the U.S. has found “no evidence” that aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy pilots in recent years were alien spacecraft. 

Yes, alien as in not from Earth. 

But then again, the story reported, nobody really understands what the phenomena is. So while there is no evidence that it was alien spacecraft, I guess it can’t be ruled out. 

It’s no secret that many Earthlings have been fascinated with alien life over the centuries, and all sorts of theories have been posited about visitors from outer space. 

Maybe extraterrestrials visited the UK a millennium or two ago and built Stonehenge. Back in the 1950s, many people believe, an alien spaceship crash landed in New Mexico and the government put the ship and whatever else was found at a top-secret location (Area 51). 

Interestingly, references to UFOs, and other extraterrestrial phenomena in advertising have sharply risen in the first half of this year compared to the first six months of 2020, according to Pattern89, which uses AI to analyze a global database. 



For example: 

The company doesn’t offer any theories to explain the surge in "final frontier" references in ads. Who knows -- maybe aliens have a mind-control program they are using on ad-industry creatives. 

U.S. intelligence agencies are set to deliver a report on the above-referenced aerial phenomena to Congress next month.

Maybe we’ll find out more then.



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