New Campaign Tackles Delicate Subject Of Pregnancy Loss

An estimated one in four pregnancies end in loss and many parents feel they have to navigate their grief and pain alone given the nature of the topic which remains uncomfortable for many to discuss openly.   

With that in mind, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center’s PAIL Network (Pregnancy and Infant Loss) is launching a new campaign to help normalize the conversation around pregnancy loss. 

It’s called #UnsilenceTheConversation and includes public service ads as well as an ad-blocker for those who usually continue to be targeted with baby ads after a lost pregnancy. There’s also a so-called “Unbirth announcement” that grieving parents can use online. 

The PAIL Network worked with its agency of record No Fixed Address on the campaign. 



The ad blocker is a guided browser plugin that walks users through the steps they can take to break out of the targeted ad loop they may be in. The agency says that expectant parents are often targeted with baby ads for up to 18 months once they start planning for a new arrival. 

“Without outlets for open and normalized dialogue among friends or family, 41% of those who experience pregnancy loss experience feelings of guilt and shame,” said Michelle La Fontaine, program manager at PAIL Network. “With the #UnsilenceTheConversation Initiative we hope to help these parents start the dialogue and provide tools to support them on a day-to-day basis, with the ultimate goal of normalizing the conversation for all.” 


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