Gold Bond Takes On Moist Body Parts

Just in time for sweat-inducing summer weather, Sanofi’s Gold Bond brand is having some fun with how to address moist body parts.

The effort is the first big push from Terri & Sandy for the brand since being named its AOR in early 2020. 

Part of Gold Bond’s broader “Champion Your Skin” campaign, the work gets real about powder: Why guys use it, where they use it, and most importantly, how they talk about it. 

A 60-second anthem spot called “Euphemisms” was deemed by the company “too ballsy for broadcast.” Instead, it will appear on Facebook Instagram, YouTube  andother digital properties. 

The spot takes viewers on a journey through time as two young men discuss an age-old problem -- sweaty nether regions -- in as many ways as you can think of. 



From ancient Rome through the Middle Ages, from Godfather-era New York to ‘80s Wall Street and beyond, the characters complain about “slick stones,” “moist marbles,” and “over-steeped teabags” until, finally, Gold Bond arrives to promise “There’s freshness in your future.”

The humorous work continues with two 15-second spots for national broadcast TV. The spots introduce a recurring character named G.B. Powders, a sage voice of reason who helps young men see the error of their wet ways.

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