Sailthru And Liveclicker, Fellow CM Group Brands, Integrate Capabilities

Sailthru has formed an integration with sister company Liveclicker, a provider of B2C email personalization tools.

Sailthru brings personalized marketing automation capabilities to the table, while Liveclicker helps brands create first- and zero-party data experiences. Both are CM Group brands. 

The arrangement is designed is to help brands “customer relationships and better campaign performance each and every time,” says Desta Price, Chief Product Officer of CM Group.

Sailthru customers can now implement live product recommendations across channels and encourage purchases with personalized features, including timers and maps. 

In addition, the arrangement allows users to scan the Liveclicker library of dynamic weather displays and other content without leaving Sailthru. And, it offers one-click access to the library. 



The solutions are available across all Sailthru email builders, including Email Composer, HTML Editor and Campaign Builder.

When assuming the title earlier this year, Price said, CM Group has “a unique opportunity as a family of brands to develop more shared capabilities to improve elements like scalability, data flow and extensibility, while also building out vertical-specific features within each platform.”

Donald Baal, senior director of digital marketing at NASCAR, says the brand is using the combined solutions, with a positive impact on the company's bottom line.


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