New Tool Sends Triggered Emails When A Person Is In Their Inbox

Inbox Mailers is offering a tool that it says can help email marketers to improve their results by sending messages when a person is in their inbox.  

The new solution utilizes subscriber data to sense when a recipient is active in their inbox. At that point, the tool sends a new triggered message.  

The company claims that these automated sends lead to higher open rates and click volume, and increases in “inboxing” and deliverability. 

In addition, the company is offering an affiliate network for the purposes of re-engaging lapsed subscribers. 

Network members share trigger data, and clients can see when subscribers who have not opened the email are in their inbox opening a partner’s message.  

The company cites Campaign Monitor statistics showing that 58% of marketers cite increasing engagement as their top goal.

One client, Traders Agency, sent 17% more email using the feature and improved its open rate by three times, resulting in 60% more sales per week, the company says.


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