Streamers Ramp Up National TV Marketing For Summer, Disney+ Tops Rivals

For the summer TV season, premium streamers continue to ramp up marketing for individual shows -- 38% higher in June versus the same month a year ago.

Estimates from show there was $109.2 million in paid national TV advertising and TV promo advertising for shows and movies in the last 30 days: $52.6 million in national TV paid ads and $56.6 million in TV network promos value.

This produced 15.3 billion impressions -- up 50% over a year ago.

In June 2020, a total of $79.4 million was spent and placed in ads -- $44.1 million in paid national TV advertising and $35 million in value from TV promos places on TV networks associated with major streaming platforms. This yielded a total of 10.7 billion impressions.

This year, three Disney+ TV series/movies have gained the most impressions: the movie “Luca” and two TV series “Loki” and “The Mysterious Benedict Society.”



“Luca” has gained 1.4 billion impressions, coming from $10 million in media value (paid national TV advertising and national TV promo value) and 4,220 airings, according to “Loki” is next with 647.3 impressions, $3.94 million in media value, and 1,677 airings. “Benedict” came in at 597.5 million impressions, $3.1 million in media value, and 1,184 airings.

Amazon has spent the most when it comes to paid TV network advertising for an individual piece of content, the movie “The Tomorrow War” at $9.2 million. It produced 558.4 million impressions and 1,286 airings.

Paramount+ is in the fifth spot for CBS' prime-time show “Evil” with 487.3 million impressions and $3.2 million in media value.

Discovery commands the next five spots, with four for its series “Streaming Home of Paranormal” -- each producing anywhere from 420 million to 470 million impressions. In addition, its “Whoa, Boom, OMG!” series gained 437 million impressions.

For the month, Disney+ leads in paid national TV spend, at $13.6 million. Amazon Prime Video is at $9.2 million, followed by Apple TV+ with $7.2 million, Paramount+ at $3.7 million and HBO Max with $3 million.

Disney also is tops in media value as a result of TV promos with $17.5 million, followed by Discovery+ at $13.4 million; Paramount, $7.9 million; Fox Nation, $3.5 million; and AMC+, $2.9 million.

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