'The Washington Post' Debuts Augmented Reality Olympic Series

The Washington Post is collaborating with Lede Lab to create an experimental video series on three sports being contested in the Tokyo Olympics.  

The series unveiled on Monday focuses on skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing — and three young American stars who will compete in the games: Brooke Raboutou, Heimana Reynolds and Caroline Marks. 

Viewers will be able to experience what its like for the competitors in these events, thanks to augmented reality. They can scan the QR code within the stories on their phone cameras. 

For example, they are being urged to “See what it’s like for Olympic skateboarder Heimana Reynolds to suspend himself in the air with 180 degree views” and for “Brooke Raboutou to climb a 15-meter-tall wall in about 10 seconds.” 



Or, they can watch surfer Caroline Marks “ride a wave and master the moves step-by-step” through an annotated slow motion video. 

Linking through, readers can also enjoy stories on these activities.  

“We are deeply invested in showcasing our journalism in new and compelling ways, and this year we are pushing the boundaries on what Olympics storytelling can look like,” Matt Vita, sports editor for The Washington Post, stated last week. “From augmented reality to experimental video to interactive storytelling, readers will have multiple options to discover the latest news and experience the games as if they were in Tokyo with the athletes.”
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