Comscore To Integrate First-Party Data Into Its Cookie-Free Solution

Comscore announced that it will begin incorporating first-party data into its cookie-free audience targeting solution, Predictive Audiences.

The capability was developed in conjunction with Experian, InfoSum and LiveRamp.

The collaboration with matching and clean-room providers will make the solution the only one offering advertisers the ability to use their first-party data in a privacy-centric, cookie-free manner, at scale across geographies, according to Rachel Gantz, general manager, activation solutions, Comscore.

Predictive Audiences is a core part of Comscore’s cookie-free solutions within the Comscore Activation suite, designed to help dvertisers reach specific demographics and behavioral TV and OTT audiences.

Comscore translates audience segments at scale into contextual signals for cookie-free targeting by combining its media consumption data with a contextual crawler and intelligent categorization technology.

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