HubSpot CEO Halligan Steps Down After 15 Years, Replaced By Rangan

HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan is stepping down to take on the role of executive chairman. He will be replaced by Yamini Rangan, now the technology firm’s chief customer officer.

Halligan was injured in a snowmobile accident in March, and Rangan ran the firm in his absence. That entailed managing board meetings, an earnings call, and key hiring and growth initiatives, working with Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CTO of the CRM platform provider. 

“When we hired Yamini, we knew we were hiring an incredibly effective executive with a track record of high impact roles at enterprise companies to oversee our go-to-market motion,” Halligan states.  

He adds: “Since day one of her arrival, she’s made our organization better, and while I was out, she led the company with clarity, empathy, and exceptional results."

Hannigan has held the CEO title for 15 years. 

Before joining HubSpot in June 2020, Rangan worked at firms including Dropbox, Workday, and SAP.






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