Mini Plans National WTF Day

In an effort to promote a renewal of friendly waving among owners, MIni is creating National Mini Wave to Friends (WTF) Day.

The event will take place on another significant date in Mini’s history, Aug. 26 -- the birthday of the BMW-owned brand back in 1959.  

Over the past few years, the Mini Wave has fallen out of common use, “prompting many owners and even Mini headquarters to proclaim: ‘WTF,’” according to the automaker.

The new national holiday with its attention-grabbing acronym encourages Mini owners to “be the waver” by gesturing to fellow Mini drivers on the road -- not only on the day but every day of the year going forward.  

An age-old tradition in the Mini community, the friendly and welcoming “Mini Wave” has been a signature gesture among Mini owners that reinforced a sense of camaraderie that came with buying a Mini, says Mike Peyton, chief motorer and vice president, Mini of the Americas. 



The automaker is known to proclaim that the vehicle is “the only car that comes standard with friends.”

“This initiative is designed to renew that friendly and welcoming spirit and show our Mini owners how many other Mini friends they have out on the road,” Peyton says in a release.

A social and digital media campaign supporting the day started this past week. Messaging will remain an important brand theme moving forward.  

The campaign was teased earlier this month on Mini USA’s social media handles by featuring actual social posts from owners showing their frustration with other owners not reciprocating the wave when waved to.

“The wave is just another way of showing that while we’re all different, we’re even better together,” Peyton says. “Mini has always been a unique and iconic brand that welcomes and invites anyone and everyone into the community with a friendly wave and open arms.”

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