Rover Helps Helicopter Pet Parents Return To Offices

Dogs adopted during the pandemic whose pet parents are suddenly vacating the house for 8+hours a day are no doubt wondering what is going on.

Rover, a national network of pet sitters, is launching a campaign to show how it can offer assistance.

According to the company, extra time spent locked down at home inspired nearly half (49%) of Americans to welcome a new dog into their families. Nearly 80% of dog owners are now concerned about their pet’s separation anxiety once they go back to work or travel.

The campaign, created by Seattle-based agency Little Hands of Stone, shows that Rover is a better alternative to asking friends and family to care for  pets in an owner's absence. 

“It can get awkward to hand over a laundry list of super-specific pet care instructions to your friends and family,” says Matt McCain, Little Hands of Stone co-founder, in a release. “But sitters on Rover actually find it helpful, so we wanted to show the loving bond between pet and parent in all its authentic, relatable weirdness.”



The efforts seeks to show how with Rover, helicopter pet parents can trust that their pets will be well taken care of by a loving sitter, because sitters on Rover actually encourage customers to get specific with their care instructions.

The campaign features real Rover customers and their pets, sharing real care instructions for their sitter via the Rover app such as favorite treats, phobias, odd idiosyncrasies and calming techniques.

A 30-second cutdown of the 2-minute long-form spot will air nationally on 26 cable networks including MTV,  A&E, AMC, TBS, TNT, and USA, as well as digital and social. 

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