Wunderkind Combines Triggered Email Tools With Salesforce Journey Builder

Brands that send high volumes of triggered emails may have a new way to improve them, thanks to a partnership between customer engagement platform Wunderkind and Salesforce.

Wunderkind has formed an integration with Salesforce Journey Builder to help firms “fine tune the consumer-retailer relationship and reach consumers with the correct message at the right time,” says Michael Osborne, president of Wunderkind. 

The integration provides marketers with access to reporting and analytics in one place, Wunderkind says. In addition, it ensures that triggered emails merge in line with frequency capping and suppression rules, it adds. 

Marketers can capture new emails and their Salesforce list, then send personalized messages based on Wunderkind’s onsite targeting, behavioral triggers, and deployments.

One brand that has tried the combined tools is e.l.f. Cosmetics.

“As a fast-growing ecommerce clothing retailer, we found it difficult to determine when people were visiting our site and if they had already signed up for our emails,” said Brigitte Barron, director of global CRM & customer growth at e.l.f. Cosmetics. 

By using Wunderkind and the Salesforce suite, the company was able to dramatically scale its one-to-one emails and organize its communications, says Barron, "including Salesforce sends and triggered email sends — in one place." She says that helped the company achieve a better understanding of how and when customers engage with the brand.

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