Infiniti Looking For 'Claire' Or 'Clive' For QX60

It’s one thing for automakers to talk about demographics or psychographics when they reveal their target customer, but Infiniti has a very definite persona in mind for its QX60 SUV.

Meet Claire and Clive. They are more than likely parents and need space for their family and its gear, which the three-row SUV deftly offers. 

The vehicle was reimagined from the ground up to help its owners “Conquer Life in Style,” which is the vehicle’s tagline.

Based on owner feedback, engineers and designers focused on key areas to deliver a vehicle that empowers its driver in a range of real-world scenes. It is arriving in U.S. dealer showrooms this fall.

The automaker recently partnered with artist Daniel Wurtzel for the public debuts of the all-new 2022 Infiniti QX60 and refreshed 2022 QX80 at New York City's Oculus Transportation Hub. The QX60, which consumers can reserve now, joined Wurtzel's graceful Sine Wave sculpture as the centerpiece of the elegant art installation — the kind of exhibit that the stylish Claire and Clive might attend for date night.



“It’s Claire we had in mind when we set out to conceive the all-new QX60,” says Phil York, Infiniti's global marketing general manager

Claire is a multitasker by necessity — a successful professional with a family, a husband, kids, a dog and a social life. How does she fit it all in? 

Almost all (92%) hold leadership positions, two times more likely to be the go-to friend for advice, 62% actively involved in teaching kids.

But when it comes to cars, she’s not waiting around for the latest model to arrive. She doesn’t have time for that. She’s not a car nut and 70% of the time, doesn’t even think the auto industry “gets” her.

“So we designed the all-new QX60 with one thing in mind: to enable Claire to glide through the chaos of family, work and social life with serenity and grace,” York says. “Our mission is to make Claire look and feel good — and succeed. And to do that whether it’s Claire or Clive. Because a proportion of our Claires will be men — busy, modern family men — with the same attitude and life needs.”

Claire is at the heart of the way the automaker will bring the QX60 to market, he says. For the global reveal at the end of June, the brand used actress Kate Hudson, who is also a producer and entrepreneur, as well as mother of three.

“I think you can see how Kate embodies our target customer,” York says. “ We challenged conventions by having Kate, our Claire, unveil the car in a 10-minute short film directed by Zack Snyder. No suits and ties and certainly no auto executives telling Claire what to think.”

Infiniti offers "everything for some people, not something for everyone," he says.

“All of this attention to detail starts with a detailed knowledge of our customers, and a recognition and understanding that Infiniti is not trying to appeal to all luxury car buyers," York says. "That’s the very definition of personal.”

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