BBDO Spikes Ad For Bombay Sapphire Gin With Artistic Flourish

Imagine you work at an ad agency and the assignment is to show what drinking some Bombay Sapphire gin is like.  

That, apparently, is what happened to BBDO, New York. The result is this 30-second ad, which shows an ice cube dropping into a glass and then a translucent cube filling with what looks like steam and then bubbles heading heavenward in a building. Finally, there are fireworks.  

This artistic interpretation of the experience of drinking gin comes after previous BBDO campaigns have likened imbibing to experiencing art and creating art with the help of a robot.



This latest ad looks like Bombay is selling absinthe rather than gin, but with 42 percent alcohol by volume, you can be sure that if you drink enough of this stuff, you’ll be seeing bubbles and fireworks in no time. 

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