3M Mask Ads Beckon You To 'Elevate Your Air'

In one of the most 2021 ads of the year, 3M is touting its 3M Advanced Filtering Face Mask as the go-to accoutrement for travel. 

A 30-second animated spot, via Colle McVoy, features a masked-up father who accidentally lets go of a tiger balloon. The father then chases the balloon through the streets, then to a grocery store and a back alley. In the end, it’s dark and the man is returning home with the balloon. 

A narrator explains that the face mask has electrostatic filtering material that filters at least 95 percent of airborne particles “with comfortable, easy breathing.” The ad then beckons consumers to “elevate your air” with the face mask.  

The ad is currently running on Travel + Leisure’s website and other related travel sites. It will also run on OOH screens in New York City that supply free WiFi to residents and travelers. In October, the rollout continues with print ads that demonstrate how the mask helps reduce exposure to a number of airborne particulates in everyday moments.  



An Ace Metrix survey this year showed that 48% of viewers had a positive sentiment toward a brand when ads featured face masks, 33% reacted negatively, and 19% had neutral feelings. When ads didn’t feature a face mask, fewer than 1% of viewers noticed.

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