'Global Custodian' Launches Institutional Digital Subs

Global Custodian, a magazine that covers the international securities services business, has launched a digital archive on the Exact Editions platform and is offering institutional subscriptions. 

The goal is to “extend the magazine’s reach to educational institutions around the world, whose readers will benefit from the new digital edition’s intuitive interface.”

Institutions can subscribe for unlimited access across web, iOS and Android platforms. This will provide the magazine with a a new revenue stream, while helping it expand its audience, states Daryl Rayner, managing director of Exact Editions. 

New content will be added to the archive, which now encompasses six years and 42 issues, as editions are published. 

The issues are divided into into year-by-year ‘stacks’ on the Exact Editions reader site. The platform’s search function facilitates detailed research into the content by keywords, authors and other indicators. 

Founded in 1989, Global Custodian has a circulation of 20,000 investment professionals around the world. It covers topics such as fund administration, securities lending and financing, prime brokerage and the infrastructure of the global securities industry (CSDs, ICSDs, payments systems and other industry bodies and initiatives).

Exact Editions digitizes content for publishers, while selling subscriptions and providing streaming solutions across web, iOS and Android platforms, the company says.  

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