NFL Season 6 Weeks In: National TV Revenues, Viewing Up

Through six weeks of NFL season so far, national TV revenues are up 11% over a year ago -- to $1.75 billion, according to estimates from TV viewership, per Nielsen, is 12% higher per game.

To date, individual networks' national TV ad take is estimated as: Fox, $458.9 million; CBS, $452.8 million; NBC, $427.3 million; ESPN, $208.5 million; and NFL Network, $61.5 million.

Through five weekends, MediaRadar says each national televised game has averaged $39.3 million. This is for 28 nationally televised games aired across ABC, CBS, ESPN, Fox, NBC and NFL Network.

TV viewership for the NFL has kept pace with rising national TV advertising revenue this season. The average national TV NFL game over the six-week period is up 12% over a year ago to average 16.2 million Nielsen-measured viewers.

MediaRadar estimates the NFL pulled in $41.9 million in preseason national TV advertising.

Top NFL advertisers this season are much like the list for 202: Geico, Apple iPhone, Progressive Insurance, State Farm Insurance, and Verizon Wireless.

“As the months continue, it’s likely that we’ll see even more year-over-year growth,” stated Todd Krizelman, CEO/co-founder, MediaRadar.



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