LG Electronics Hooks Up With OKCupid For 'Laundry Love Lab'

Image above: Comedian/author Phoebe Robinson shows her love for LG Electronics products.


LG Electronics USA has launched the “LG Laundry Love Lab, sponsored by OKCupid,” featuring an interactive quiz that matches users with washers and dryers based on their personal habits, style and laundry preferences.

“LG is known for making great home appliances, but we aren’t necessarily the experts in the matchmaking category,” Josie Salazar, LG’s brand marketing lead for laundry, explained to Marketing Daily. “We approached the experts in the dating and relationship space, OkCupid, to help us craft a fun, engaging and helpful experience for consumers.”

Turns out OkCupid already had years of matchmaking data connecting laundry and relationships.



For example, according to the dating app, singles who do their laundry themselves engage in more than 70% more conversations than people who have someone else do their laundry. Also, 50% of OKCupid daters find it “most attractive” when a partner does a load of their laundry without their asking -- with 41% more turned on by someone who folds all the laundry.

“Utilizing OkCupid's methodology and consumer insights gathered from its matchmaking questionnaire, LG developed the quiz to mirror OkCupid's dating platform,” Salazar noted.

The target audience for the Laundry Love Lab, she said, are “young homeowners and consumers who aren’t pleased with the way their current appliances are serving them and their needs, and/or just have no idea where to start when looking for something new.” 

In addition to the quiz, which Salazar says will stay up indefinitely at, LG has enlisted comedian/author Phoebe Robinson as its “Love Guru” in four videos posted on YouTube and on Robinson’s social media pages. In the shorts, Robinson shares  tips for a successful laundry day.

Other elements of the LG campaign include the brand’s own survey on consumer laundry habits and “laundry love languages,” and a just-concluded sweepstakes that awarded an LG Washer+Dryer based on quiz results to a winner who shared those results on Twitter or Instagram.

The LG Laundry Love lab is being promoted on LG-owned channels, as well as “paid tactics…to amplify and drive engagement,’’ Salazar said.

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