Video Streamers Raise National TV Marketing Spend 40% In Q3

Over the last three months, video streaming companies have sharply raised TV marketing efforts -- now up 40% to $672.2 million in total estimated TV spend and media value versus the same period a year ago, according to

Much of this is coming from a number of new entries this year, including discovery+, Paramount+ and DirecTV Stream -- as well as existing streamers upping their marketing efforts.

This breaks down to an estimated $444.2 million in paid TV advertising and $228.0 million in media value coming from premium streaming messaging on sister company TV networks, garnering 52 billion impressions over 261,220 airings.

A year ago, total estimated TV spend and media value was $403.8 million -- $277.8 million in paid TV spend, $126 million in media value from on-air network promotions. This pulled in 27.8 billion impressions from 137,383 airings.



Disney+ grabbed 7.1 billion impressions (4.9 billion a year ago); discovery+, 6.8 billion; Paramount+, 6.6 billion; DirecTV Stream, 5.8 billion; and Hulu, 4.5 billion (3.2 billion a year ago) are the big beneficiaries.

That means more than 43 billion impressions coming from national TV live programming plus same-day airings and 4.3 billion impressions coming from local TV impressions.

Top programs that are getting the messaging this year include NFL Football (2.4 billion impressions), NBA Basketball (660.3 million), college football (642 million) and MLB Baseball (374.3 million). Syndication reruns of “Friends” was the only non-sports TV content in the top five, with 297.5 million impressions.

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