Stouffer's Rings In Holidays With On-Package 'Singing Stickers'

Stouffer’s is making its first foray into music with on-package “Singing Stickers” that, when pushed, play a version of “Deck The Halls” modified to celebrate lasagna and macaroni & cheese.

It’s the latest activation of the Nestlé brand’s “Happyfull” platform and appears exclusively on packaging at 505 Giant Eagle and Meijer grocery locations.

Written by the Wunderman Thompson agency, the 15-second re-jingled jingle says “Treat your elves to something cheesy, Fa-la-la-la-la-la-lasagna. Stouffer’s makes it really easy, Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-mac & cheese, Mmmmmmmmmm.”

Singing Stickers are an admittedly cheesy way of livening up the frozen food aisle, according to Stouffer’s brand marketing manager Megan McLaughlin. “It’s fun way to bring joy and some holiday cheer to consumers,” McLaughlin tells Marketing Daily.



“At different times throughout the year, we’re looking for ways to make Stouffer’s more top of mind to consumers and relevant in their everyday lives.”

Part of the strategy is generating awareness of the brand past the point when party and family size boxes of Stouffer’s lasagna with meat and sauce and other multi-serve lasagna and mac & cheese offerings are consumed.

“The idea is that people might want to hold onto the package and keep playing it,” adds McLaughlin.

Based in Cleveland, Stouffer’s chose Giant Eagle and Meijer because they are “in our region, were the first to jump on the opportunity and were really excited about it. So it was sort of a slam dunk.”

The Singing Stickers are not added to packaging at the factory but at the store level.

“We’re actually applying them by hand—almost like little elves scattering to all the different stores,” says McLaughlin.

This year, there seems to be something extra-compelling in the song "Deck the Halls," which was also rewritten for an Absolut vodka campaign discussed here.

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