Out With The Ox, In With The Tiger As Panda Express Gamifies Lunar New Year

It’s almost New Year’s -- Lunar New Year’s that is -- and fast-food restaurant chain Panda Express has launched an 8-bit game called Good Fortune Arcade, developed with its ad agency The Many. The brand is also bringing back in-store lucky red envelopes to celebrate Lunar New Year’s on Feb. 1.

The Good Fortune Arcade offers a modern way of telling the Lunar New Year story. In the game, Nian, the monster behind the holiday’s origin, has stolen the players’ lucky foods. In each level, players work to collect those dishes while dodging obstacles along the way. (One such obstacle are oxen, which signify the Year of the Ox that we are leaving. In 2022, we enter the year of the Tiger.)

After each completed level, players will unlock a fortune card — inspired by each of Panda’s signature lucky dishes, Chow Mein, Egg Rolls, Honey Walnut Shrimp and Orange Chicken — containing a discount code for online ordering only on PandaExpress.com or the Panda Express app through Feb. 28.



Last year, Panda Express launched the 3-minute film “Traditions Shared,” a first for the brand. Also last year, The Many won Panda Express’s account. 

Gaming and lifestyle influencers — including Chrissy Costanza, Kristopher London, Jesser and Angel Laketa Moore — have partnered with Panda Express to play and promote Good Fortune Arcade on their own social channels.

On celebration day, guests can once again receive lucky red envelopes with the gift of limited-time Family Meal promotions and good fortune cards (the same unlocked in the game).

Panda Express isn’t the only brand to celebrate Lunar New Year. Last year, Adidas, Lego and Starbucks among others, launched Lunar New Year’s campaigns.

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