Happy Valentine's Day, Dear (Prospective) Client

As any agency person will tell you, some clients are awesome to work with and some can be downright nightmarish, while others fall somewhere in between.

This Valentine’s Day, female-led independent creative agency Barker has taken a proactive step to reach out to 10 prospective clients the agency would, well, love to work with, with an offer to meet and see if sparks fly. 

The shop isn’t naming names, for obvious reasons, but one is a coffee company (per the illustration accompanying this item), and another is in the cookware business. 

Says the agency: “For a human-centric agency — one that puts its people first — it’s important to find brands that reflect their values and interests. Ultimately, we all want a partner who excites us, respects our thinking, wants to build something rewarding, and ultimately brings out the very best in each other.” 

The 10 hot prospects, it hopes, will do just that.



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