LinkedIn Launches Its Own Podcast Network

LinkedIn is capitalizing on the current podcast frenzy by launching its own “LinkedIn Podcast Network,” which will feature in-house shows from industry leaders and the LinkedIn News team. 

To attract an immediate listener base, LinkedIn has included programs hosted by creators who are founders and CEOs, journalists, authors, and  established figures in their professional fields, such as online marketing experts.

The co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, will also co-host a podcast about personal entrepreneurship titled “The Start-Up of You,” which will premiere this spring. 

Other podcasts within LinkedIn’s network will tackle a range of topics, such as going behind the scenes of Big Tech, exploring leadership advice for women of color, understanding moments of cultural significance that altered our world, and learning how work can be a joyful experience. 

Every podcast episode will be available directly on LinkedIn by following the hosts in the app and subscribing to their newsletter. Listeners can also tune in wherever else they get their podcasts.

“Hosts will continue to engage with listeners –– existing ones and new ones drawn from LinkedIn’s global community of 810 million members –– through posts, videos, Newsletters, LinkedIn Live events and more,” said LinkedIn in a statement.

The strategy for the professional networking platform is thus to expand listeners’ interest beyond the podcasts and into the app, where they can theoretically keep conversations going with show hosts. 

LinkedIn is also leaving room for new creators to join their network, through an online application option.

The shows are ad-supported and Verizon is the initial sponsor. 

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