Companies Were Barraged By Phishing Attacks In 2021, Study Says

Nearly all companies were the target of phishing attacks in 2021, and most say these attacks are occurring more frequently, according to State of Email Security 2022, a global study released Tuesday by security firm Mimecast. 

Worse, 75% of companies were hit by ransomware attacks during the past 12 months. Nearly 66% paid the ransom to get their data released, and more than 33% experienced downtimes of a week or more. 

Companies experienced an average of 10 email and website spoofing attempts in the past year -- and 90% have seen data leaks and business email compromise attacks, although phishing is the most common email-borne threat, the study says. 

Unfortunately, 90% of companies surveyed in the study say the security defenses provided by the Microsoft 365 productivity platform are insufficient. 

On a positive note, 96% say their firms have begun -- or are well into the process of developing -- a strategy for cyber defense. And 90% deploy DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance). 

On average, firms allocate 14% of their IT budgets to security, but the respondents prefer to designate 17%. 

Mimecast surveyed 1,400 information technology and cybersecurity professionals in 12 countries.


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