Twitter Trends Report Highlights Crypto, Self-Care, and Climate Change

Today, Twitter released its 2022 Trends report, which highlights specific topics that the company found most noteworthy when analyzing billions of tweets from 2019-2021.

From a broad perspective, examining shifts surrounding finance and the COVID-19 pandemic to the popularity of virtual worlds, the report reveals ways that marketers can capitalize on these trends.  

Twitter refers to the first of these as “The Great Restoration” -- a move among users toward self-care and rethinking climate change. 

Within millions of daily tweets, Twitter says it recognizes users focusing on their personal health while increasingly calling out corporations to take the lead against the challenges facing the environment and the planet.

Terms such as “restoring” and “rebalancing” had a 64% year-over-year (YoY) increase, and mentions of “greenwashing” –– referring to when a business misleads consumers about the environmental harm they cause –– increased 158% YoY.



The report also highlights users addressing climate change in a holistic way. Tweets about fighting waste increased 109% YoY, while tweets about existentialism increased 20% YoY. 

Conversations about climate mitigation, naturopathy, and brand activism have also become more popular on the platform.

Twitter’s report also addresses “Fan-Built Worlds,” in which fans are discussing the building and ownership of virtual worlds through cosplay, role-playing games, and virtual marketplaces.

There was a 994% increase in tweets about fan tokens -- a cryptocurrency that gives fans access to membership perks for football clubs, content creators, musicians, and other forms of entertainment. 

Topics such as trading and virtual gigs in virtual worlds are bubbling up, while passive income, fashion and collectibles, and crypto gaming grew over 320% YoY. 

The last notable shift documented in the 2022 Trends Report takes on increased public conversations surrounding finance. 

Communities of experts and everyday people are joining forces on Twitter to freely and openly share knowledge about finances and investments. The popularity spike in cryptocurrencies has likely propelled these tweets, as more users are interested in decentralized finance. 

Specifically, tweets about finance from non-pro/non-enthusiasts have grown 78% YoY, and in 2021, there were 17x more tweets about NFTs than WFH (working from home). 

The report shows a 242% growth across topics such as stablecoin, decentralized exchanges, and DApps (decentralized apps). 

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