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FedEx Focuses On 'Sustainable Camping' Shop For Earth Day

Earth Day hits on April 22, and FedEx is one of the first advertisers out of the gate celebrating.

This ad, via BBDO, features Frank, who runs a “sustainable camping supply business.” The spot explains that Frank is happy and smiling because FedEx is growing its fleet of electric vehicles. (The shipping company says it got its first delivery of 500 electric vehicles in December, and plans to make its fleet carbon-neutral by 2040.)

In the ad, Girl Scouts around the world share the news about Frank’s business, which “unexpectedly, has made Frank quite popular” -- cue the huge group of scouts in  the last shot.

There’s quite a Wes Anderson vibe in this ad. The scouts evoke Anderson’s 2012 film “Moonrise Kingdom,” as do the symmetrical, flat composition of the shots. (So does the repetition of a shot of two people similarly dressed and standing next to each other.)

But, in the end, it’s an ad, albeit one that is more visually interesting than most.



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