Match My Email Adds Tool For Creating Contacts Not Already In Salesforce

Match My Email, a firm that helps brands sync their email and calendars automatically with Salesforce, has launched a tool for creating new leads or contacts. 

The new product, the Email Sync Assistant, allows users to generate new Salesforce records from email addresses that are not yet in Salesforce. 

Brands can see individuals they have communicated with that do not match up to a record in Salesforce, the firm says. They can then click to create a new lead or contact in Salesforce.

In addition, the tool allows brands to create new leads or contacts for email addresses with auto-populated fields, using a compressed form that auto-populates fields such as first name, last name, and email address. And they can ignore or dismiss the email addresses that should not be in Salesforce. 

In general, Match My Email says it permanently stores emails in Salesforce, while allowing standard Salesforce reporting. It also migrates all email data into records, showing emails and events in one dashboard while matching multiple email addresses within a single record, it adds. 

However, while Match My Email relieves clients of the task of manually logging emails in Salesforce, it took manual work to create leads that were not yet in Salesforce, the company notes. 




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