Two Agencies Create Social Campaign To Fight Hunger

The two marketing agencies–Inspira Marketing of Norwalk, CT and NYC-based Enthuse Marketing have teamed with a non-profit called WhyHunger on a project designed to go viral and inspire people to help in the battle against hunger. 

First, the agencies made a $10,0000 donation to WhyHunger, a global outfit that provides resources to local groups easing hunger in their communities. 

Then the agencies created a social campaign, dubbed #FoodTag2022 to encourage others to take action.  

#FoodTag2022 participants visit WhyHunger’s online food bank locator to identify a food pantry near them. They snap a photo of themselves donating food at the pantry, post the photo on social media and challenge someone to do the same by tagging them on the photo, using the #FoodTag22 hashtag. 

Not unlike the ice bucket challenge of few years back, which went wildly viral and raised $200 million for ALS awareness and research. 



“We’ve seen these types of challenges go viral on social media and we believe #FoodTag2022 has the potential to do the same,” said Kim Lawton CEO of Enthuse Marketing. “It’s so simple and easy to do. Everyone that participates is making an immediate impact in their community. That’s powerful!” 

A simple challenge to a complex problem and every little bit helps. I hope other shops come up with their own plans to tackle food insecurity, one of the world’s biggest crises. Yes, I know, some other agencies have already, but the fight is far from over.  

The initiative kicked off on April 27th and will run through May 16th. 

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