TRAK Data Debuts On-Demand Data Platform

Data firm TRAK Data has launched an on-demand marketing data platform.

The new tool is designed to give brands of varying sizes the audience data they need on demand, states Jessica Akinwale, CEO of TRAK.

According to TRAK, users can use the new platform to build audiences, append marketing identifiers, profile their audience and prepare direct mail. 

In one possible use case, an insurance agent could upload a list of current clients, build a predictive model to identify the hottest prospects, and send a direct mail campaign to this audience. 

In another, a retail shop owner could create a list of prospects based on Zip code, gender, income, and past purchase behavior, and then send an email offering a special new customer coupon.

Akinwale argues, “From movies to rides, we live in an on-demand world. Why shouldn’t marketing data be the same?” 




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