Fernish Encourages Consumers To 'Free Your Home'

Fernish, a stylish furniture company, rolled out its “Free Your Home” campaign in New York City.

With creative by Laundry TV, alongside Fernish’s in-house team, it includes OOH advertising, as well as direct mail, digital, CTV,and YouTube.

The company just debuted 46 wallcuts, 25 turnstiles, two interior train panels, and four liveboards in Manhattan's busy West 4th Street subway station, the work centers on promoting high-quality rental furniture.

The "Free Your Home" campaign underscores a specific concept, CMO Evelyn Krasnow told Agency Daily.

It is "intended to encourage people to free their home from the expense and permanence of traditional furniture and decor and adopt a more convenient, flexible solution,” said Krasnow. “It allows them to only keep what they need for as long as they need it.



“While the OOH is at West 4th Street subway station, as well as subway trains, we’re currently in conversation to expand. We also just launched OOH in Washington, D.C., in metro stations and buses.”

The target demo is entry-to-middle-level professions, she adds.

They generally live in major metropolitan areas, and their lives are evolving quickly. These customers are renting seven items on average – usually a sofa or a bed and mattress, and then the items that fill out the gaps in their homes, such as dining areas, rugs, nightstands, etc.,” Krasnow said.

Most customers are renting for 12 months, and the vast majority will renew again for 12 months. Fernish found customers then buy one or more of the items they particularly love.

Fernish is also committed to sustainability; its furniture is built to last. Any furniture that comes back that doesn't meet strict “like-new” standards after inspection, cleaning, and refurbishing process, is donated to charitable organizations.

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