INKY Teams Up With GoDaddy To Offer New Email Security Tools

Security platform INKY has formed a partnership with GoDaddy Inc to offer its enhanced anti-phishing tool and email assistant to GoDaddy customers. 

The arrangement replaces a prior understanding that provided INKY’s service to hundreds of thousands of GoDaddy clients, the firm says.

INKY’s improved detection capabilities and dynamic email banners are being offered to users  of GoDaddy's Advanced Email Security (AES) solution for Microsoft 365.

The new partnership “greatly expands our capacity to ensure the security of our customers by enhancing GoDaddy's existing solutions with extended capabilities," says Manu Harish, senior director of product management for productivity at GoDaddy.

INKY’s email assistant is "effectively standing vigilant as a virtual cybersecurity expert,” adds INKY Founder and CEO Dave Baggett.



According to INKY, its tool provides original equipment manufacturers like GoDaddy with protection against account takeover attempts, brand impersonations, and other Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

In addition, the platform provides a single-click “Report this Email” link for reporting phishing attempts, and it features dynamic color-coded banners, the firm says.

Harish adds that the “phishing threat landscape is constantly evolving, and GoDaddy customers – from small and medium businesses to large enterprises and corporations – are seeing new threats continuously emerge.”

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